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composite forming simulation

Process Modeling in Composite Manufacturing

Industrial ecology, sustainability, energy efficiency are terms that guide the development and design of new products in today's world.

The search for lighter materials to replace metal alloys while improving mechanical, thermal and chemical properties has encouraged the development of composite materials. However, the behavior of these materials is complex. When developing a new composite product, manufacturers resort to costly trial and error campaigns. Numerical simulation is a promising solution for virtually anticipating the result of a manufacturing process and the effective properties of the final part: fibers orientation, wrinkles, voids, in-service properties, delamination, failure, etc.

Composite materials and their transformation processes evolve every year and modelling methods must follow this trend. Innovamics is currently working on the development of innovative numerical tools adapted to today's industrial challenges, from manufacturing to service. Our goal is to reduce your design costs, increase your manufacturing efficiency and accelerate your innovation process.



Our scientific expertise to meet and solve your challenges.

Composite reinforcement modelling

  • Resin transfer moulding (RTM)
  • Thermostamping
    • Heat transfer
    • Forming
    • Compaction
    • Warping
  • Inflatable textiles structures.
  • In-service properties

Dynamic simulation

  • Extreme loadings
  • Inflatable structures
  • Failure


  • Topological optimization
  • Inverse problems

Simulations can be performed on commercial software, open source and research software or on our own prototypes.


Our expertise in numerical development at your service.

User-defined subroutines

If you have a specific simulation software integrated in your workflow and you want to add a new material behavior model, a specific finite element or a new functionality that fits your analysis requirements. We can help you!

Some of the software we are familiar with:

  • Abaqus
  • Ansys
  • Cast3m
  • Code_Aster

Toolkit developpements

Pre- and Post- processing tool-kits for engineering applications:

  • Parser scripts
  • Inverse optimization
  • Automatic parameter identification
  • Data exchange

Languages: Python, Matlab, C, C++, Java, Fortran, C#, VB.


Our academic background to improve your skills.

Composite characterization

Material testing methods are necessary to understand the formability of composite materials, the effects of process variables on formability and to provide input data for numerical simulations. We provide trainings in this field.

  • Theoretical foundations
  • Experimental protocols
    (room and high temperatures)
    • Bias-extension Test
    • Picture Frame
    • Bending Test
    • Bi-axial traction
  • Data analysis
  • Parameter identification

Finite Element Analysis from beginners to advanced

  • The basis and fundamentals
  • Software using for engineering applications
  • Extreme loading
  • Computational materials

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